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"Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com

Dr. Sam Naficy has been awarded the "Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com - a website dedicated to rating the quality of physicians across the country. Out of 720,000 physicians, only 5% received this honor.



Seattle, WA - Face lift recovery. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to hear that recovery from a facelift can be quite brief. Seattle facial plastic surgery expert, Dr. Sam Naficy, performs a number of innovative and minimally-invasive face lift and neck lift procedures with recovery times as brief as just a few days. Read more about the recovery here......



Seattle, WA - Facial plastic surgery without the scalpel!?
See how you can turn back years in just minutes with the exciting Featherlift procedure. "The Featherlift (also known as Feather lift, Thread lift, Suspension lift, and Contour lift) is quicker and more predictable than Thermage", states the Seattle Plastic Surgeon. "Combined with Botox, Restylane, Fat injections, or Sculptra, you can get the younger face you want without the down-time or expense of facial plastic surgery." Read more about the Featherlift procedure......



Seattle, WA - Face lift, neck lift specialist.
Voted "Top Doctor" by his medical peers in facial plastic surgery
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More Facelift Information

A brief overview.


If you are considering facelift & neck lift surgery we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Naficy or another equally qualified facial plastic surgeon who regularly performs facelift & neck lift surgery. There is a great variety in facial features and each procedure must be custom tailored for the patient to get the best possible result. During the consultation visit Dr. Naficy will listen to your concerns and discuss your options. He will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for facelift & neck lift surgery and inform you of the potential risks of the procedure. Facelift & neck lift costs will be also discussed at that visit. . . . read more.


Facelift and neck lift incisions are carefully placed within the natural creases in front, within, and behind the ear. After adequate tightening of the deeper structures, excess skin is removed from both sides and the incisions are carefully repaired. Dr. Naficy uses the most meticulous technique and the finest sutures for closure of his incisions. . . . read more.


Neck lift surgery is typically performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia, under the care of an experienced anesthesia provider. In addition to the anesthesia, numbing medication is used in the neck to ensure that you are comfortable when wake up from the procedure. When the procedure is finished, the anesthesia medication is discontinued and you begin to wake up. The medications used for anesthesia tend clear the system rather quickly, and most of our patients are able to go home in 30 - 45 minutes after the procedure is completed. Our anesthesia team has over 50 years of combined experience providing advanced anesthesia and all of our anesthesia providers are also on staff at the University of Washington or other regional medical centers. . . . read more.


There is usually some tightness around the ears and jaw-line after the surgery. This can be controlled with prescription pain medication, although it is often mild enough to treat with just Tylenol. A fluffy bandage dressing is worn for 1-2 days. Discoloration and swelling around the face and neck, when present, will usually improve over 7-10 days at which point most people can return to work and social activities. . . . read more.

Other FAQ

Below you will find a list of some of the more common questions related to facelift & neck lift surgery that our patients have asked over the years. If you have a question for which you don't see an answer here, we welcome you to ask us. . . . read more.

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