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"Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com

Dr. Sam Naficy has been awarded the "Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com - a website dedicated to rating the quality of physicians across the country. Out of 720,000 physicians, only 5% received this honor.



Seattle, WA - Face lift recovery. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to hear that recovery from a facelift can be quite brief. Seattle facial plastic surgery expert, Dr. Sam Naficy, performs a number of innovative and minimally-invasive face lift and neck lift procedures with recovery times as brief as just a few days. Read more about the recovery here......



Seattle, WA - Facial plastic surgery without the scalpel!?
See how you can turn back years in just minutes with the exciting Featherlift procedure. "The Featherlift (also known as Feather lift, Thread lift, Suspension lift, and Contour lift) is quicker and more predictable than Thermage", states the Seattle Plastic Surgeon. "Combined with Botox, Restylane, Fat injections, or Sculptra, you can get the younger face you want without the down-time or expense of facial plastic surgery." Read more about the Featherlift procedure......



Seattle, WA - Face lift, neck lift specialist.
Voted "Top Doctor" by his medical peers in facial plastic surgery
Seattle Magazine

Why a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

All practicing physicians have the same initial training:

  • An undergraduate degree
  • Four years of medical school
  • At least one year of residency (called internship)

Then it changes. In the following years of training (called residency) either a medical or surgical path is taken. For example, internists and dermatologists are not considered surgeons since their medical residency does not include significant surgical training.

Two closely aligned surgical specialties are facial plastic surgery and general plastic surgery. Both types of surgeons complete the same undergraduate and medical school degrees, followed by a general surgery internship. General surgery involves the most common of surgical procedures: hernia repairs, appendectomies, gallbladder removals, etc. The internship serves to acquaint the young physician with the basics of surgical technique, but neither the facial plastic nor general plastic surgeon will continue to perform those surgeries once in practice. The facial plastic surgeon begins to specialize early in his/her training by limiting their experience to head and neck surgery, in preparation for a more focused range of nasal and facial procedures. The general plastic surgeon continues a broader training in general surgery, in preparation for a wider range of body procedures.

Facial Plastic Surgeon

  • An undergraduate degree
  • Four years of medical school
  • 1 year of general surgery (internship)
  • 5 years of head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery (residency)
  • 1 year of cosmetic facial plastic surgery (fellowship)

Plastic Surgeon

  • An undergraduate degree
  • Four years of medical school
  • 3-5 years general surgery (internship/first residency)
  • 2 years of body and facial plastic surgery (second residency/fellowship)

For instance, Dr. Naficy's last six years of residency and fellowship training focused exclusively on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nose, face, head, and neck structures. This in-depth concentration provides the facial plastic surgeon with a strong foundation for reconstructive and cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

By contrast, most general plastic surgeons complete three to five years of general surgery before pursuing only two years of specialty training. The two-year plastic surgery residency covers a wide range of diverse areas all over the body. These surgeons perform the lion's share of cosmetic body liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, and tummy tucks.

So, why choose a facial plastic surgeon?

For plastic surgery procedures involving, the nose, eyes, face, and neck you want to choose a specialist who focuses his/her practice on that area and performs those procedure more regularly and more frequently. Dr. Naficy performs between 750-1,000 facial plastic surgery procedures per year! The choice is simple.

Your face is special. Trust your face to a specialist.

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